Our Story

1 out of 4 children born in the US today is Hispanic. When God began to call us to start a new work for Him, He used numbers like these—along with story after story of people trying to find a healthy Hispanic church in their area—to burden our hearts with the need to multiply healthy, Gospel-centered churches among US Hispanics.

Many Hispanic churches preach a message loaded with rules, causing people to think that God’s love for them is dependent on their performance, leaving them either discouraged or puffed up with pride. Others promise economic prosperity and physical health to those who give money, creating unrealistic expectations and ultimately disillusionment with God when what was promised never comes.

VIDA will be a church that proclaims true Life offered in Jesus, not based on what we do but based on what He has done for us. VIDA will call people to follow Jesus not because of what they can get but because of what they can give…to Jesus and to those who have yet to find Life in Him.

Our Mission

VIDA Church exists to help people far from God become ambassadors of His mission.

Our Vision

To see a multiplying Gospel movement among US Hispanics that outgrows us all!

Our Strategy

We pursue our vision through gospel-centered worship, community, and mission.

Our Values


Grace & Truth

Throughout His life and ministry, Jesus was “full of grace and truth”. He consistently showed compassion, grace, and mercy toward people, yet He always spoke the truth to them in love. VIDA strives for this same balance—to show grace and share the truth in all we do.



God values diversity in His people. He is giving life to people from all ethnicities, languages, cultures and nations, yet He desires our unity, as we all have one Lord, one faith and one mission. VIDA seeks unity and diversity. 

VIDA will be a place to reach across traditional dividing lines to serve God’s mission together, realizing that our diversity strengthens us and expands our reach.



Jesus spreads His life through the world as His followers multiply themselves into new followers of Jesus, new groups, and new churches. For this multiplication to continue over generations, what is multiplied must be healthy. VIDA pursues both health and multiplication.

Knowing that health is indispensable to seeing a Gospel movement endure, VIDA will keep the Gospel central in order to form healthy disciples, groups, and leaders.

In Houston’s Bay Area, 1 in 4 people are Hispanic, and 100,000 live in Spanish-speaking homes. Multiplication is essential if we are going to reach them.

We also partner with other pastors, churches and organizations in Houston and Honduras to pursue health and multiplication that result in Gospel movements.