What is our plan?


Just like the space shuttle cannot launch by itself, VIDA Church needs partners to help it launch and grow to a place of healthy, self-sustainability.

A large portion of the demographic VIDA Church will reach and train is under-resourced and under-educated, which makes internal funding and leadership development a longer journey. The Roman Catholic heritage of Latin Americans, the recent waves of the prosperity gospel, and the materialism of life in the US, make evangelism difficult. Planting VIDA Church will take longer and require more sustained partnerships than typical church plants in the US, but Jesus will build His church. We need partners who will stand with us while He does.

How will we fund it?

Vida_Number of gifts.png

We are looking for partners who will invest in VIDA Church “for the long haul”…partners who understand the challenges we are up against, but who have been gripped by the opportunity and importance of planting healthy Hispanic churches in the US.

We are asking our partners to consider giving a set annual amount for five consecutive years. We understand that each partner will need to reevaluate their partnership level annually, but we are hoping for partners who will journey with us as we carry VIDA Church toward healthy, self-sustainability.

Launching and growing VIDA Church to maturity will take a team of financial partners giving a combined amount of $150K per year. This amount can seem overwhelming, but as each partner gives at his or her level VIDA can be fully funded. Whether you are in a position to give $1000 a month or $50 a month, you can be a key part of the team that funds VIDA.

For if the readiness is there, it is acceptable according to what a person has, not according to what he does not have.
— 2 Corinthians 8:12

How will it be spent?

Vida_Pie Chart.png

Annual budget

Together with VIDA's internal offerings—currently $15K—we anticipate pursuing our vision as follows:

Administration | $10K

Website, communications, bookkeeping, office expenses, software, licensing

Mission | $15K

Events, resources and materials, marketing, groups, leader development, fundraising

Facility | $30K

Rent, utilities, maintenance, security, signage

Personnel | $110K

Salary, insurance, stipends, honoraria

Launch fund


As we prepare to launch in 2019, we also expect startup costs of $25K for audio/visual equipment & instruments, children’s ministry equipment & supplies, storage equipment, and setup supplies such as tables, chairs, and pipe & drape. Launch Fund gifts are one time contributions to help fund our launch.