Byron & Anita Vaughn

Byron was raised in the heart of Dixie: Alabama. While growing up, he had little exposure to Spanish-speakers, but a mission trip to Mexico at age 17 changed everything. He instantly fell in love with the people, the culture, the language, the music…and, of course, the food! God lit a fire in him that has never gone out.

Byron went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and spent two years living and serving in Latin America. God coupled Byron’s love of Spanish with a passion for theology. Byron earned a Master of Divinity degree and in the process married the love of his life, Anita. After seminary Byron pastored a Spanish congregation in Dallas for 10 years, until God called him out to plant VIDA.

Anita was born in Peru and grew up in its coastal capital, Lima. Raised in a wonderful Christian home and excellent churches, Anita became deeply involved in youth ministry in her teens and twenties, and earned college and graduate degrees in early childhood education, general education, and education administration. Anita loves to connect with ladies and help them grow strong in the Lord.


Josué grew up in Puerto Rico and has been a part of various Hispanic churches there and in the mainland US. He has served in leadership, planning and leading worship services, leading small groups, and more, yet he always struggled in his own walk with Jesus. He felt like he couldn’t measure up, that he couldn’t be good enough, or be good consistently enough. He would continually feel that he had fallen from grace again, and that he could never quite get it back. This was all fed, and in fact largely caused, by the messages being preached and practiced in what he would call unhealthy churches.

In recent years, Josué discovered that God loved him infinitely and eternally regardless of how well he performs. Josué discovered Grace, and he has never been the same since! Josué is now a “Grace evangelist”—a beautiful, though broken, embodiment of the Gospel of Jesus. Josué is excited to partner with VIDA to see a new kind of Hispanic church planted that proclaims Grace along with Truth.

Josué and Dayra serve together leading worship at VIDA Church.


Renée leads a community outreach called Good Neighbors that targets a predominantly Hispanic area. Through VIDA's partnership with Good Neighbors, God gave Renée a burden for the children who attend VIDA's services. She launched VIDA Kids and leads a team of volunteers who pour into our VIDA Kids weekly and allow parents to focus on Worshiping Christ without distraction during our services.